To Dad

Sometimes when I think about the Plight of The Father I wonder if it’s to quote off fantastic sayings and dole out good advice, or whether this is just a gut reaction from a human being trying to get us to act responsibly and pull our socks up. Sometimes when I hear myself talking to my kids I can hear that sage Dad Voice in my head, and I’m pretty sure that when it comes to advice this is the number one shop for it. As I was thinking about it today, though, I wondered how much fathers remember what they are passing on to us as life advice, or whether (as I do at times) these moments are very much in the moment. If I said “Dad do you remember how you said…” I wonder if he would.

Looking for something more to say I turn to Shakespeare who, as always, has many things to say on the matter. From one point of view he wrote It is a wise father that knows his own child (Merchant of Venice) – true. He also wrote Who would be a father! (Othello) – possibly also true. Well I think my father has done a superb job in all, and Dad, if you ever wondered whether the things you were saying ever sunk in I would like you to know that some did – even if it maybe took a while. And the piece of advice that has most stuck with me, that I now repeat to anyone I think should listen? You once advised me to be careful of who I surrounded myself with, that this is part of defining who I am. This is so very true, and I think of it often as I surround myself with people who are a such a strong part of helping to make me who I am. Thank you, you were right. Happy Fathers Day Dad xx

Dad & I - circa 1981


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