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An unusual morning for me – I sat down to check my emails and find myself still sitting here several hours later lost in the internet. I blame link-clicking. It all started with one in my inbox, that then lead to layers and layers of link-clicking and some Ultimate Decisions. For me the time I spend on the computer tends to be fairly administrative, especially when time is constrained and life is busy. I do my round of checks – three email addresses, my blog, Facebook for a quick look around and update, then I’m out again and back to the hustle and bustle of life. As you may have noticed, that has also impacted on my blog which has become a lot less “thoughtful” of late, largely due to the fact that I don’t seem to spend a lot of time at the moment stopping to observe life. Don’t get me wrong, there are the usual hundred thoughts an hour going on, I just haven’t the time to stop and put some sense to it here.

This morning I got sidetracked, and have been wandering from blog to blog, page to page, and even for a bit on YouTube, and this has stirred me to blog with an enthusiasm I have not had in a while. I don’t do this enough! I have come away feeling inspired, excited, and wanting to make, read, listen. It’s left me feeling that I really do need to spend more positive time on the internet, filling my world with wonders and perspectives, new ideas and thoughts, the desire to do further study into new experiences. After some time had passed and I realised how distracted I was getting there was a moment where I decided to allow myself to spend my time in this way, put on the kettle and popped some bread in the toaster. I am terribly guilty of finding new blogs, getting excited by them, subscribing to them and adding them to my bookmarks, and then never looking at them again. The email reminders I delete as they are a part of my overcrowded inbox, and the the bookmarks I never look at – yet there’s a world out there I could be diving into, inspiration I am missing out on. Recently tiny happy mentioned she had found a new site dedicated to fixing that problem, so in the spirit of allowing myself time to actual sort my web browsing stuff I joined blog lovin. What a wonderful discovery – now to make sure I spend some time each week just enjoying what’s out there.

Moments from this morning that moved my world…

  • Finding a favourite Minuit CD in the bottom of the drawers and putting it on in the background while I browsed. I couldn’t find the song that fitted my mood best on YouTube (Do Me In), but like this one just as much.
  • This speech on TED by Emma Simons-Araya – “being concerned with my authenticity kept me from being authentic”
  • Bleubird – especially this post where she has photographed her children in such a soulful way that my heart just leapt. James is doing a challenge “Portrait of my children. Once a week. Every week for a year” I think I might do this next year, love it!

blog lovin

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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6 Responses to blog lovin’

  1. Jo says:

    Hello u. Bloglovin is great, makes it so easy to find and follow blogs, just have to not get too carried away. Leave it a couple of days and suddenly you’ll have 100 blog posts to read! Enjoying your blog Joanna.

  2. i really enjoyed this, thank you!

  3. Meg says:

    Mwahahaha I already follow you on bloglovin :o) It’s so handy.

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