circles in the sand

A few Op Shop finds from the past few days – I will admit to having had an extremely lucky run here, but working behind the scenes can help that situation sometimes. To start with, a stunning 1960s Venetian Glass dish in rich turquoise blue, which sits rather nicely with the Chinese Temple Dog (or Lion) given to me by my mother. These look incredible at night with the lamp on.

1960s Venetian glass dish and a female Chinese Temple Dog

A portable vintage Imperial Typewriter, in teal, for the kids to use – this is because they are not even allowed to touch my 1950s Olympia Splendid, isn’t that terrible! They were so thrilled to have one they can actually type on that they are now fighting over ownership. So I need to find a third vintage teal typewriter?

vintage Imperial portable typewriter

A completely marvelous top-up of my vinyl collection – including some more Herb Alpert, some jazz, Eydie Gorme, Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road, Sade, The Jam, and some hearty rock and roll. I thought it was probably time to introduce some rock’n’roll to the kids, I figured everyone should know Rock Around The Clock. Mia wasn’t convinced until I put on Rockin’ Robin from another collection, then we sang and danced our way around the living room and she asked to hear it three more times. I’ll call that a success.

new Vinyl for the collectionOne of the most amazing finds I have ever stumbled across, these quite simply make my heart leap. Two photo albums, from 1944 and 1948, of a young local women and her friends. Every photo is rich with story, I find myself poring over every detail – the life, happiness, experience. This find makes me fairly much speechless, and is something I think I will show you in more detail when I have had time to absorb what I hold in my hands. I will say that I am incredibly grateful to be able to say that I am holding it in my hands.

very vintage photo albums and Autographs Book


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2 Responses to circles in the sand

  1. Heleen Webb says:

    Awesome finds! That album looks amazing; would love to see more 🙂

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