Queens Birthday

Today is the last day of Queens Birthday long weekend – and harks the end of long weekends for quite some time. Unfortunately the weather has not been very nice, and both kids are a little unwell, so it has not been the most relaxed of times. I spent a little time making some Vintage Notecards for myself, and as a gift for a friend. These are from a battered old TV Comic book from 1966 and feature such fabulous quotes as “see how my champion fares on the targets, Varlet!” (Robin Hood) and “Die, you cur! We shall not surrender!” (The Terror of The Long Ships), with heavy use of exclamation marks. Mia decided to make a Birthday Card for The Queen which we shall mail tomorrow. I remember being around her age and sending a letter to The Queen – I still have my reply from Buckingham Palace. I wonder if they still send replies. We have also had the chance to test out our new camera – to replace the one that became damaged Christmas last year. You will have to excuse the large amount of pictures – I couldn’t help myself in my excitement after the rather tedious wait on insurance.

Queens Birthday 2013 - Mia with her card for The Queen

Queens Birthday 2013 - Boats at Back Beach, Port Chalmers

Queens Birthday 2013 - Mia, Back BeachQueens Birthday 2013 - looking over the Harbour

Queens Birthday 2013 - Mia looking for crabs

Queens Birthday 2013 - a plane streaking across the late afternoon sky

Queens Birthday 2013 - Vintage Notecards, TV Comics

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4 Responses to Queens Birthday

  1. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    The Queen is a very lucky lady to get such a beautiful card ….. good luck for a response .

  2. Kura says:

    Did you laminate or otherwise the comic pages? I kept seeing pop up on Pinterest a tut where they use Silicone sealer to plasticize paper but I haven’t tried it yet…so many things to craft…

    • Hi Kura – thank you for visiting my blog! No, no laminate, these are simply glued onto a cardboard backing and then stitched on with a colourful thread. There is an interesting method of ironing plastic bags onto pictures which melts them and seals the picture – you seem to get a slightly “fuzzed” picture effect, but it looks really good. Haven’t tried it yet… as you say, so many things to craft! x

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