To Mum

Today has been the most perfect Mother’s Day. I awoke to two huge hugs, and two gorgeous handmade cards, and since it is Mothers Day our Sunday activity was to be decided by me. As the weather has suddenly turned almost spring like, I chose the beach. The kids sometimes whine when they realise we are off to the beach, can you believe that? They will look back with gratitude on a childhood that had them out in nature so often they actually complained about it. Well, at least I hope they do. We packed a picnic, got out the Vintage beach umbrella, loaded the car with the dog and the boogie boards just in case it was possibly swimmable (it was), and headed over the hill. We spent more than four hours there before it was time to haul ourselves back into the car. The kids complained when I told them it was time to go home – isn’t it always the way.

I was thinking about some of the outdoorsy things we used to do as a child. I have particularly treasured memories of sitting by a river on large river rocks, towelling hat on my head, orange floral bikini on, a streak of blue zinc across my nose, and a box of Iced Animals in my hand. I wonder if I would complain when Mum told me we were going to the river? I hope not. Mum is currently holidaying in the UK – which makes me think of our trip there in the 1970s. Knowing how trying at times motivating children into doing things is, I have an incredible amount of admiration for my mother – imagine travelling for months with a 6 year old! That can’t have been easy – and yet all I have are the most amazing memories from this time, and an ever increasing wanderlust. Thanks Mum, I hope I didn’t make things too hard for you at the time, I can swear to you that the experience was well worth it x

Mum and I - London 1976


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