simple methods

Of late when I look through my rings I have found all the silver ones have become rather tarnished and murky looking. Not too sure how to clean them up and get them back into a wearable state, I searched the internet figuring there must be some form of gentle, natural clean that didn’t require harsh chemicals or a specialised product. As is so often the answer, I found this amazing method using tinfoil, baking soda, and boiling water. 10 minutes later and my rings are a lovely hummy silver again. It got me to thinking about all those simple cleaning cures that often only require baking soda or white vinegar – methods our grandmothers would have used to great success, and certainly at a much reduced cost. A few of the simplified approaches for cleaning we use in our house are;

* For disinfecting bench tops we have a spray bottle of white vinegar with about 10% water. It’s about 10% of the cost of a disinfectant spray.

* In the dishwasher we use white vinegar as rinse aid. This costs about 5% of the price of actual rinse-aid, and does just as good a job without the concern of leaving behind chemical traces

* When giving the dishwasher a clean we use baking soda instead of washing powder.

* We clean our windows with a methylated Spirit mix with 10% water. You only need to clean the windows once, there’s no streakiness, and again it costs about 1/4 of the cost of window cleaner.

* (this is one of my favourite hints) If you have a Firebox style fire you can clean the black gunk off the glass by wetting some screwed up newspaper, dipping it in the (cold) fire ashes, and cleaning with this. Having tried every type of window cleaning method on ours I can’t believe how well this works, and with very little physical effort.

I have come to the conclusion that baking soda and white vinegar are wonder tools around the home, and we only use them for a tiny amount of their potential uses. Do you have a favourite household tip using simple methods?

my pile of rings before cleaning

"after" - hummy silver rings

Firebox after cleaning the window, ready for winter

It is New Zealand Music Month, and I have had the new album by The Phoenix Foundation Fandango on heavy rotate – I’m particularly in love with Thames Soup x


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3 Responses to simple methods

  1. Julia says:

    Great tips! I use white vinegar to pickle my jewellery after soldering instead of nasty acid solutions – works just as well!

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