Home – Olveston

When I made the statement at the start of the year that I wanted life to be more about experiences than things, my husband truly listened and for my birthday gave me tickets to a tour of the Victorian house Olveston. We went today – and what an amazing experience it is. A home built in 1904 for the Theomin family, when the last member of the family, Dorothy Theomin, died in 1967 the home and it’s entire and substantial contents were bequeathed to the City of Dunedin. This has to be one of the more unusual things I ave ever witnessed – an entire 4 story household frozen in time. Everything is original, exquisite, and unique – furniture, decorations, crockery, cooking equipment, a 3 tonne Billiard table, ornament collections, and a very beautiful and impressive art collection featuring two Frances Hodgkins and one Goldie amongst many other stunning pieces. You can take a virtual your here, though I would highly suggest an actual visit if you are able. You are not allowed to take photo’s in the house, so everything you see here is from our wanderings around the garden afterwards.







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4 Responses to Home – Olveston

  1. i went there with my aunty and her family.. it was magical i loved the daughters room.. was such a feeling of femmine growth there.. i also liked the gentlemans bedroom too.. but my highlight of that vist was my 8 yr old cuz played the grand piano… that was truly magical.. it was like the whole house came alive,, happy living the moment Joanna. xx

  2. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    It looks lovely – cant wait to go there myself before too long

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