and to finish off…

I am not much of a believer in New Years Resolutions – are you? I decided about mid way through this year that I should really approach them in restrospect. This year has been a huge year of change and growth, and as per usual things have been so very busy – maybe that’s just life. What has this taught me? Firstly, that it takes about three times longer than I think it does to complete things from the little minx “to do” list. I’m not sure if this will change my approach to the list, but it’s good to have a realistic approach. Secondly, I am learning to say no. That was a fairly big one, I am terribly guilty of bending my arm around my back to do things someone else has asked, or meet with someone when I really don’t have time for it, or I say yes to something I don’t want to avoid upsetting the giver. Priorities.

Having said all of this, I have decided to make a form of New Years Resolution this year – largely due to a growing need in me to have some real change. So this is not, I hope, an end of year worn-out wishlist, this comes from that nagging feeling that there just must be more to life, or at least more to leading a loving and successful life. Two things need to happen for me – one, I need to treat myself with more respect. I need to feed my body with better food, drink less alcohol, move and walk, read more, smile more, laugh more, love more. Two, I need to spend more time on experiences, not on things. So much time is spent running from pillar to post that there really is not enough time spent smelling the roses. Add to that a growing wanderlust – I would like to see more of what’s around me. I read this quote on the internet the other day, I apologise that I do not know where it came from, but it about summed things up for me “Less alcohol, more tea. Less meat, more vegetables. Less salt, more vinegar. Less sugar, more fruit. Less eating, more chewing. Less words, more action. Less greed, more giving. Less worry, more sleep. Less driving, more walking. Less anger, more laughter”

Happy New Year to you – thank you for being part of my journey thus far, and may 2013 be kind to you and your loved ones.

Joanna xx

new years eve 2012 2

new years eve 2012 3


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4 Responses to and to finish off…

  1. wonderful! all that you say rings true in my ears.. how can we move through our lives not coming to terms with what life is about..? we must pay attention to our selves.. its important to learn but important to practice and live the lifestyle we know we deserve. many happy thoughts to Joanna. xx

  2. becsparker says:

    I only recently discovered your blog Joanna, and only wish I could write as beautifully. This particular post spoke to me loud and clear! I am almost certain that if we all in some small way each day, took more time out to just ‘be’, to stop all the worrying, desiring of material things, and learned the true meaning of compassion, the world could only be a better place. Thank you for being an inspiration! x

    • Hello Becs – thank you so much for visiting my blog. It seems to me, reading your lovely words, that you can already write very very well indeed. My advice, just close your eyes and do it 🙂 Your words ring so true – I hope to stop and be more often, and I’m pretty sure this is not going to be as “easy” as it sounds, but I shall hold to it and, as you say, if we all did the world would be a warmer and happier place for it. Happy New Year xx

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