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It’s been the most beautiful day today, hot and sunny, and we have spent a large part of it outside playing and gardening. It is starting to feel like the holiday wind down. We did, however, pop into town to visit the newly re-opened Toitu – Otago Settlers Museum, and are so very pleased that we did. What an amazing job they have done re-furbishing it. What was once vaguely interesting with some nice but dusty pieces has become a place brimming with interest and excitement. We spent nearly two hours there and I didn’t even see half of it properly, so much to look at, read, take in. From Pixie Town returning for Christmas, through the Smith Gallery of photo’s of the Settlers that arrived on three specific boats, through the Fabulous Frocks Exhibition, and then (where I got stuck for rather a while) the exhibition on “The Dunedin Sound” pioneered by The Clean, The Verlaines, The Chills, and Look Blue Go Purple (amongst others). Rather exciting indeed, I can’t wait to get back there.

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - Greenstone on entry... please touch

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - the hustle & bustle of Pixie Town

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - Smith Gallery, portraits of Settlers

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - Reuben at one of the Interactive displays, Smith Gallery

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - part of Fabulous Frocks, Hat display with Vintage Mannequin Head

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - Posters featuring some of the bands from "The Dunedin Sound"

Toitu - Otago Settlers Museum - Research Centre, David Trubridge lights


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