It starts with the sounds of rummaging and some Fairy Lights

We are a little bit Christmas nuts around here. It starts on the first of December with the early morning sounds of Reuben rummaging through boxes under the house trying to find decorations, and quickly moves on to the stringing up of extra Fairy Lights and the hanging of the new bunting. Shortly after, the CD’s are located and we listen to Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer and Holly Jolly Christmas over and over again, due in part to what is being learnt at school for the end of year concerts. Ah, Christmas…

With so much on at the moment we had to wait an entire day before we could visit the Christmas Tree Farm and get our tree. This is such an amazing experience for the kids, though I will freely admit to it being one of my favourite things to do too. You wander the hillside filled with Pine Trees, all in different heights and shapes, until you find the one that is just right for your home. Now our house smells deliciously of pine, there are around 150Fairy Lights on the tree alone, and the floor is completely strewn with bits of tinsel. How often do you get to do all of that and feed a Reindeer called Kevin?

Mia feeding Kevin the Reindeer - Christmas Tree Farm

Heading into the trees - Christmas Tree Farm

Taking the tree away - Christmas Tree Farm

Kevin the Reindeer - Christmas Tree Farm


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4 Responses to It starts with the sounds of rummaging and some Fairy Lights

  1. wonderful! christmas love to you and your family

  2. Jill says:

    This looks like a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit. A reindeer named Kevin? Too funny! I expected a traditional name like Dasher or Dancer not Kevin. It makes me smile thinking about it.

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