By Design

I find it really hard to walk past old sewing patterns when I am at the Op Shop. It’s not that I actually use them, although I do have grandiose dreams of telling Mia to simply pick what she wants and I will make it. The existing pile is already fairly large, but there’s something about the illustrations and the story they tell of a time when most clothing was made at home that makes me impulsively go through them. I have such a dreamy vision of the whole process, from pattern to finished garment. It must have been so exciting – choosing a style, matching that with a fabric, taking a paper wrapped parcel of promise home. Especially exciting for children I would imagine – and the poor Mum’s hearing “is it done yet?” over and over. This is hearking back to a time when everyone wore clothes that were unique and individual, hand picked and handmade, your entire look by design, no-one had the same thing as the next person. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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8 Responses to By Design

  1. Megan says:

    it is a lovely thought! hope you are well Joanna, I have been a bit absent from the blogworld lately but hopefully will be back in the swing of things sometime soon. Have a great rest of your week, from Megan

    • I hear you there – sometimes things are just far too busy to stop and blog, or read blogs. I find mine fit and start, but I must keep them up as they are a moment of reflection for me. I hope all is well and wonderful with you xx

  2. Angela says:

    I also find it hard to pass by vintage patterns, and I’m sewing more and more, using up my mums (and nana’s) fabric stash, including all the notions, vintage zippers, buttons, almost everything I need.
    I also think back to what it would have been like then, exciting, but also I know my nanas worked a lot and sewed a lot for themselves and their families.. so much time was spent making food, cleaning and so much more. I do love the process, and I think it was a valuable creative outlet too.
    I have recently been reading ‘The Culture of Sewing’ and it’s so interesting!

    • That sounds like a great book find – I will look out for it. It’s amazing to think how hard they worked, and didn’t complain (at least so not so as we would hear) It’s also strange that the memories we all hold of those times was of a slower simpler time x

  3. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    OOO those men looking all sexy and ready for bed , and havin a few puffs on the pipe . I’m sure they’d be nice to kiss…. NOT !

  4. Nina says:

    I enjoy reading your blog because I live in Dunedin and therefore understand your posts about the weather and living in the harbour. Its also nice to hear another crafter’s daily observations 🙂 How do you go about selling your goods? I’ve often thought of selling my creations too…

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