Mia with a Camera

The last few days have been a of a blur of busy-ness with Simon having exams on and lots of running around,and not much time to create or think about the blog I’m afraid. So I thought I would show you what happened when Mia was given a camera for a day recently. These pics were taken on Simon’s digital camera, which is about 10 years old now so doesn’t have the strongest file size in the world, but is a great point and shoot. She just loved it, and wouldn’t stop till she had completely filled the camera with pictures. It was interesting to see how she had captured her day – the entire shoot was a real “start to finish” outlook, which included shots of every family member and what they were up to, photo’s from dinner and her bath, right up to going to bed at the end of the day, and of course lots of her favourite toys.


About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to Mia with a Camera

  1. Marine says:

    i love the first pic with the cat! So interesting what they photographed when given a camera to play with!

  2. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    SO CUTE … quite the budding photographer .

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