An Armful of Yellow

I have made no secret of my current love for yellow, so you can imagine what a joy it was to walk out of the Op Shop the other day with an armload of yellow fabric and a head buzzing with ideas of what to do with it. One thing I feel extremely lucky for at the moment is that I can stop every now and then and actually spend a little time working on new ideas, something I found hard to acheive last year with juggling my job and family next to my creativity. Life just seemed to be a race to get by and catch up, with not very many moments to make new ideas happen. To be honest, I have put aside my rather large “to do” list for a couple of days to indulge a new design, but I think it’s worth it, and I’m really pleased with the result.

So, meet my latest design, not quite the Handbag it was intended to be, but smaller than my usual Tote Bags and, I am very proud to say, contains my first ever zippered internal pockets. Most importantly I think, these ones are absolutely brimming with sunshine yellow.


There is one available in my shop


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3 Responses to An Armful of Yellow

  1. Marine says:

    I love these handbags! So pretty!

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