A long weekend filled with new experiences and creating new things, the best possible use of time I think. Mia started Ballet on Saturday, and is now showing us the correct way to do “triangle….. stretch”. While the boys went to a soccer match yesterday Mia and I made Shortbread, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a large amount of Apricot Chutney to use up the bucket of Apricots that was on it’s way out, so we certainly won’t run out for a while there.

Reuben is currently mad about the How To Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell, they really are rather fabulous books, and we made a machine sewn book today for his “Dragon Guide”. We glued some fabric on to cardboard then sewed on an inner of vintage wallpaper, and then sewed in the bunches of pages with a ribbon over the outer of the spine to top it off and make it look tidy. We have made something similar before for him, and it’s a really easy kids project that is fun and ends with a great result. To round this off, today was my second attempt at Ciabatta, using a recipe I found here, and this time it has come out a real treat. One loaf is already gone, so I think the family agrees. In the quiet times I started on a new project, making Gift Tags using vintage books for my stall next week at Theives Alley, but more on that later in the week. Did you do anything new this weekend?


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3 Responses to Newness

  1. Meg says:

    Oh yum ciabatta! I want to learn to make bread that can have good slashes/slits in it that open up. I’m reading the “River Cottage Bread Handbook” at the moment in an attempt to get beyond my sourdough in a tin loaf (which we make every second day). My eldest is into that dragon series too. Sweet that you made him a book of his own.

    • Joanna says:

      oh my, the thought of your Sourdough just makes my mouth water 🙂 If you want to try something new the recipe I used was beyond simple, and very no fuss – just drop the temps a bit (I did 240 not 250, and did 15 mins at the start not 20) x

  2. Jill says:

    It looks like you were all very productive! The tags turned out great and the bread looks great. Weekends tend to be a time to catch up here lately, so we’ve haven’t tried anything new. Sounds like fun though. Good luck at market!

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