Simple Fairy Wings

I made some simple Fairy Wings for the party guests at Mia’s Fairy Party, and thought I would share my method. These made great gifts, were quick and easy, and loved by all the little fairy guests. They are also extremely lightweight, so kids soon forget they are even wearing them which makes for great photo opportunites.

These are made from two “wings” of differing sizes, I used two different colours in Tulle, some 6mm elastic, and white Felt. Tulle is really stiff and bounces back easily if crushed, and is also extremely cheap.

  • Cut your two pieces of Tulle into a shape similar to two ovals put together. The smaller piece here is 25cm long in the middle, with the top oval 21cm across and the bottom 19cm across. The larger piece here is 33cm long in the middle, with the top oval 44 cm across and the bottom 34cm across.

  • Put the two wings together, larger ovals at the top, with the smaller wing on top, slightly higher up on the larger one (rather than centred)
  • Starting at the very top, stitch through the centre, making sure you sew a back track/reverse stitch at the start to secure it. Use a wide stitch setting, I used 3.5.

  • At the bottom of your stitch line hold the cotton in one hand while gently pulling gathers up the wing with the other. Work them slowly up the wing until you have a total gather measuring approximately 18cm.
  • Make a firm knot at the bottom of the cotton to hold it, trim the excess.

  • Cut two pieces of Felt into a rectangle, measuring 13cm long x 4cm wide.
  • Cut two pieces of Elastic into 45cm lengths, this size is large enough to be slightly loose on a four year old, and still fit a ten year old without being tight.
  • Pin the Felt pieces together – this will run down the middle of the wings. As you sew place a piece of the elastic into each corner, one piece each side, so at the top and then finishing at the bottom. I put them on a slight angle so that they arch towards the shoulder and away again from the armpit.

Pin the Felt piece to the middle of the back of the Fairy Wings, stitch along the centre seam on the wing side using a smaller stitch length. I tend to use 2.5. Make sure you back track/reverse stitch at both the start and finish.

  • Give it to a Fairy you love x


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4 Responses to Simple Fairy Wings

  1. Megan says:

    Ddding this to things I would like to make the girls for christmas (and will my first time buying/sewing tulle). Really should have started presents back in July I think! Great tutorial thanks Joanna 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    whoops that was meant to be ‘adding’ not ‘ddding”!

  3. Carina says:

    Qué bueno este tutorial porque mi nena me está pidiendo alitas y no me gustaban las que vi para comprar estas están geniales y se las voy a hacer!
    Gracias y un beso eeeeeeenormeeeee para Mia que se ve muy feliz y para vos que seguro al verla así también lo estás…

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