To Dad

Dad was responsible for the discovery of one of the most wonderful holiday spots I have ever been to, Castlepoint. A wild and woolly place, it has everything you could want from a classic New Zealand holiday place, and is really very much untouched. Head East from Masterton, through hilly countryside, past several stand-alone pubs, over a hill and there sits the most glorious curved bay and beach. We spent holiday after holiday there for a few years, Easters, Summers, whenever we had the chance really. It is still one of my favourite places in the world, and I have a picture of one of it’s rocky crags and lagoons in my Sewing Room. One of the most wonderful things about Castlepoint is that it’s coastline is so beaten by the ocean that it has become the best spot for a lot of marine life, Crayfish being a star of the area. One thing Dad excelled at when we were there was fishing – and the Crayfish pot got thrown down each evening, with an early morning rise the next day to pull it up and see what we had caught. One particular Christmas spent at the Castlepoint Motorcamp we had fresh Crayfish every day for lunch…. yup, every day. To this day, thanks to Dads fishing skills, I still cannot eat a Crayfish unless it is fresh, because once you have had fresh there really is no turning back, and nothing can equal it.

And then there was the old wicker pot, tied to the roof of the car, making us look like the quintessential holidaying Kiwi family I’m sure. One year, as we were driving back from Castlepoint there was a thud on the roof of the car. For some reason a hawk had flown in and landed on the car, but with the ropes and wicker,and probably the speed of the car moving along, had become instantly tangled. Hearing this awful thud, Dad pulled over the car to find an alarmed bird attached to our roof. Wrapping some cloth around his arms, he untangled the poor bird and set it free. It took off and circled the car three times before flying off on it’s next adventure. I remember Dad being so elated at seeing the bird showing its appreciation in such a way – and who knew a Crayfish Pot could tell so many stories. Happy Fathers Day Dad x


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5 Responses to To Dad

  1. Rachael says:

    beautiful memories, beautiful post

  2. Meg says:

    What lovely memories. So nice to read them.

  3. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    Hello Joanna – what great memories and for you to recall them so vividly- they were fantastic uncomplicated holidays and a great place to venture too.We used to catch so much out there and it was always yummy.
    Do you remember catching the big………SHARK””””” – I do and there wasnt
    a person left in the water swimming when we brought it into shore.
    Thankyou so much for your thoughts – they were great times and i loved them.
    All my love to you and see you soon – Dad -Pa

  4. Jo says:

    Oh Joanna, thats one of my favourite places too! Only more recently discovered – have spent school camps with 60 boys out there for nine years and I still love the place. Just so ruggard and untouched. Have also enjoyed fresh crays, fish and mussels, camped at the camp ground, walked barefoot along the road with hot fish and chips, climbed to the lighthouse, explored the cave at low tide and even watched the waves crash over the lighthouse rock, washing the lighthouse as they went during a stormy day. And it is still just as unique today.

  5. Jill says:

    What a nice story and memory of your time with your dad! It sounds like a special place!

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