There have been quite a lot of parcels on the doorstep of late, and yesterday a large box arrived from my Grandfathers house in Otaki filled with things from my childhood that I haven’t seen for 15 years or so. Reuben, Mia, & I sat down together and opened the box, going through it’s contents piece by piece while I told them stories of the things they were seeing. They especially loved the ones about Rufus, who was my Grandfathers first dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier brimming over with personality that loved to chew things. The time he went to the local school, four blocks away, and came back with a football in his mouth that he had swiped from the schoolyard which we then had to return with an apology, or the fact that my childhood doll has a replacement leg from her visit to the Dolls Hospital that I can only assume was because of Rufus. Reuben then asked whether the Dolls Hospital is real, which brought back a lot of memories of taking her into the shop and my childhood dreams of what the Dolls Hospital must be like – of course it’s real! My Grandfather has just moved into a Retirement Home at the ripe age of 97, so there has been a lot of memories being passed around.

As the school holidays have meant a break in sewing I have been searching out and buying vintage fabric on the internet, so am quite excited about the prospect of returning to my machine with the pile waiting to be cut into. On a side note, I have just finished reading this book, The Matchmaker of Périgord by Julia Stuart which would have to be one of the most wonderful books I have read in years. Set in a small, character-filled village in France, it is beautifully written, whimsical and magical. Have a lovely weekend everyone x


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4 Responses to parcels

  1. megan says:

    that book sounds lovely- have just checked our local library and there’s a copy there so am going to go get it today hopefully. am needing a new book thanks!

  2. Sarah says:

    What a gorgeous post. I wish dolls hospitals were easy to find now. I’ve got a doll that needs a new eye and I don’t know how to fix her myself. I bet your kids loved hearing all the stories. Rufus sounds like a real character of a dog!

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you so much – they did love the stories, there were lots of giggles going on! As to Dolls Hospitals, do you have any of those old style “cobblers” around, I would maybe start there x

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