nurse nelly

Whenever we go somewhere in the car Mia always takes at least two books to read, usually Richard Scarry ones which she just adores. The other day Simon brought home a new one, What Do People Do All Day?, which is about people and their jobs. I recognised it straight away as one I had in my own childhood, and had loved as much as Mia now does. In the  story A visit to the Hospital Abby goes to the Doctor who looks at her tonsils and announces “Hmmmm. Very bad tonsils, I shall have to take them out. Meet me at the hospital tomorrow”. With the promise of ice-cream Abby goes to the hospital and has an operation. As a child I really wanted to have the same operation, most likely inspired by the thought of icecream, though it never happened and I still have my tonsils.

Having bought a small medical set for Mia the other day she then asked for a nurses hat and coat, so this afternoon I made her a Nurse Nelly hat. It’s funny how often things re-occur in your life, when I was exactly her age I had a Nurse Nelly set made for me, and spent a lot of time tending to caterpillars and moths in a jar. I still love these books, so it’s lovely to have them around again. Have a look at these re-purposed envelopes that Cat Taylor makes from pre-loved Richard Scarry books, just lovely.


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6 Responses to nurse nelly

  1. kathryn says:

    LOL that first photo brings back memories…..I remember all those Air NZ lollies 😉

  2. Nik says:

    Such a wonderful idea- love it! x

  3. Jill says:

    What a great hat. She must be having a wonderful time with it. As a kid I loved the book Curious George Goes to the Hospital. It made a hospital visit seem like a fun idea.

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