The First Day of Winter

Today is a bit special around here – it’s the first day of winter, and the 4th anniversary of buying our wee cottage on the hill and our move back home to Dunedin to stay. Four years, oh my! It sometimes feels like not too much has happened to our improvement plans for the house, but that’s probably not strictly true. By now I feel like I know all of the spots, all the creaks and bouncy bits (she’s an old house). I often have disagreements with the old girl, call her too small, Reuben likes to point out modern-looking two-storey houses when we’re out, while Mia just likes to point out anywhere really large and say “let’s live there, can we get a big house?”. “No, (I say with a sigh) we love our wobbly old cottage” And we do.

Reuben has been reading Famous Five books by Enid Blyton, which makes me think of when I was his age and being mad for them myself. He asked me to read his favourite so far, Five Have A Mystery to Solve, and it had the most beautiful paragraph in it that made me think of our home. This is Anne’s thoughts on seeing the house they are to spend their summer in for the first time;

” It must be very old,” she thought. “It stands dreaming here all day long, full of memories of the people who have lived here and loved it. And how they must have loved this view – miles and miles of heather, great stretches of sea – and the biggest , highest, widest sky I’ve ever seen. It’s a happy place. Even the clouds seem happy – they’re scurrying along, so white against the view”

Happy Anniversary old girl x


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4 Responses to The First Day of Winter

  1. megan says:

    i love your posts so much! can’t wait to read famous five to my kiddies, i loved them when i was young. we live in a 70’s home but my heart belongs in an old home, sadly not many in tauranga to choose from!

  2. Marine says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful paragraph. Why not print the words and frame it and hang it somewhere close to the front door of your home? We moved to Dunedin in Feb 2010 and hope to buy a house next year!

  3. Rose says:

    I loved reading Enid Blyton books when I was a kid! Famous Five, Secret Seven, Naughtiest girl in school, The wishing chair, The faraway tree – all great stories. We are hoping to buy a house sometime, and I would much prefer an older one with character than a new beige box. In saying that my current flat is lovely and large!

  4. Jill says:

    I’ve never read the books but the quote was nice. I think your house sounds wonderful! The views you’ve shared are gorgeous too. It’s sounds like a perfect place to raise your family.

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