what will you name your pet bear?.

It’s been a busy few days, I have been working extra hours at my other job which has left Simon to be the Number One parent (something he does extremely well). They have all been busy making birthday cards for family members, getting the house tidied up for some VIP Guests that arrive tomorrow, weeding and replanting the garden, and cuddling the new kitten – still un-named, due to a long list of possibilities and the off-chance that everyone settled on Throckmorten from Your Pet Bear while I was away. Having said that, with name suggestions like Neru, Shaggy, Adolph, and King, you can see why this would appeal (l I think what I like most of all about this post is that, in searching this book on the internet, I found that it was part of a Far-Fetched-Pets Series, who knew)



Fruits, vegetables, bugs, leaves, grass, and mice.

Even pinecones and clam shells if they’re really hungry.

For a treat, have Mom fix squirrel stuffed with carrots and covered with honey gravy.

But don’t let him eat too much.

Squirrel is very fattening.”


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3 Responses to what will you name your pet bear?.

  1. Jill says:

    I’ve never heard of this book series. The illustrations look great and the idea of far fetched pets sounds humorous and interesting! I’m sure with all the love your new kitty is getting it doesn’t mind not having a name yet.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hope the work isn’t too stressy for you. That looks like a fab book. I got gazumped over naming Maisy. I really wanted to call her Ceepher (C for Cat) but noone else thought it was a good idea :o(. I’m sure your Kitty will find her name soon enough. x

    • Joanna says:

      funnily enough, when we were standing in the cue at the SPCA the people behind us were going to name theirs Ceepher! I do love Maisy though, and it suits her! We have fixed on Toot x

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