Cushions for the Couch

Thank you for all the lovely comments for Mia, she came through the operation swimmingly and can now hear like anyone else. You don’t realise just how loud being unable to hear makes a person, her speech sound-level has dropped remarkably since yesterday morning and she doesn’t seem to shout anymore. She’s really thrilled to be able to hear properly, once she got over the initial shock at the hospital that was the first thing she said “Mum, I can hear you” .

It has knocked her a bit, so the last 36 hours have been very quiet, with lots of lounging around on chairs while watching a fair amount of television and eating lots of “special” food (reads – a whole bag of lollies is not normally permitted). I keep getting distracted by a bit of a tidy up that seems to be going on with me at the moment, and I keep finding myself absorbed into a re-organising task.  Add to that I found this piece of fabric at the op-shop the other day that I personally think is divine, possibly because it’s so hideous, and was itching to get stuck into.

I made some cushions for the couch, fairly easy and doesn’t really take me away from Mia, and loads of fun just choosing fabrics. My stash is getting way too big, and it was fun to just rummage through and think “I’ll have that”. I’m really happy with the outcome, it’s an odd bunch of patterns and colours but I think it works, I like it.  Every aspect of them except for the thread is recycled, so I’m pretty pleased with that too.


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8 Responses to Cushions for the Couch

  1. Sarah says:

    Glad Mia is on the mend and yay for lower volumes! Make sure she gets plenty of B6 in her diet as the anaesthetic strips the body of it. The best source I’ve found is raw mushrooms but good luck getting a kid to eat those! Loving the African shield print.

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the advice Sarah, she’s been drinking a lot so figured her body was a bit wonky. Strangely she likes raw mushrooms…! Thanks for the comment about the print, it’s the one I feel is both hideous and gorgeous x

  3. Jill says:

    I’m glad to hear Mia is recovering. The quiet time has been productive for you. The cushions look nice and I love that they are made from recycled bits.

  4. Marine says:

    I am pleased to hear that your little girl is much better! I love the cushions. I moved to Dunedin last year and is still trying to get to know the shops etc. You always talk about the op shops you visit and I would love to hear which ones are worth visiting! It is always good to ask the locals. I have been to a couple of op shops but some are so busy you can’t find your way around. Maybe I will have to be there very early!

  5. Joanna says:

    Hi Marine, thanks for all your kind words. The op-shops I visit vary, though the one I would visit weekly would be Restore just up the road (heading South) from Briscoes, they have a great linens area that is $2 fill-a-basket, it takes a bit of trawling through but you sometimes get some great finds. I also find most of my vintage curtains there which then become bags etc. Also Butterflies on Hanover St, cramped, but well worth a look though their Tablecloths bin, and they also seem to have the nicest and best priced vintage blankets. Lastly SaveMart for bulk fabrics, they don’t always have heaps, but when they do it’s often in bulk and I suspect not many people shop there for fabrics. Hope this helps x

  6. Hi~there Joanna ~ I am also soooo pleased that Mia is on the mend ~ “good news” indeed (say a little Gidday from me, not that she knows me, but it’s good to know that someone is thinking of you sometimes :-)) ~ love your cushions, I know what you mean about the fabric thing, it gets abit out hand doesn’t it . . . . my spare room is overloaded with fabric~bits, I really have to get onto it and have a sort~out but alas “so little time.”

  7. Marine says:

    Hi Joanna
    Thank you so much for the info! I have heard about the restore shop but has never been there so will definitely pay a visit. I’ve been to the Butterflies shop and as you said it is very full and busy but worth a look through. I didn’t know Savemart sells fabrics – so thank you so much for the info. Now I just have to make the time to go and have a look.

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