Double Digits

Today is Double Digits (with capitals) because Reuben turns 10. I keep thinking ‘gosh, 10 years’, and others kept mentioning ‘gosh, Double Digits’, but whichever way you want to spell it out my little man is now my little/big man. He’s in that in-between, not in teen years yet, but certainly not a kid. In fact, he’s likely to pull sideways smiles and “can you believe that” looks at the way other kids play, just so as you know he’s not in that group anymore. I keep thinking back to when he was first with us, his skin was golden, and my mind is ringing with Ben Harper “you look like gold to me, and I’m down on my bended knee, you look like gold”.

A lovely day was had, lots of smiles, friends, gifts, food, and a trip to the local pool. Simon and I gave him a Star Wars game for his Nintendo, and one of my doorstops to replace the stone that has been holding his door open forever. We did have a secret gift, a sewing machine, found for free at the back doorstep of our favourite op-shop, and fixed up for a low cost. After a day of friends, food, and play, we pulled up next to the shops, I handed Reuben a drawstring bag I had made him last night with a pair of sewing scissors in it, then we strolled to the fix-it shop to pick it up. He didn’t suspect a thing, and I again feel so blessed that my 10 year old gave me a huge hug for making him a doorstop, and being happy with just that. Happy Birthday little man x


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14 Responses to Double Digits

  1. Rose says:

    What an awesome gift, and that’s impressive he didn’t mind being given just a doorstop to begin with. My cousin’s son is eleven, and when I saw him briefly a few weeks ago, I realised how much he had grown up in the last couple of years. He’s definitely not a little boy anymore!

  2. Meg in NZ says:

    Happy Birthday Reuben! I love the candles and ones of him sewing.

  3. Jessica says:

    Aww ! He looks so cute sewing !

    The door stop looks gorgeous – we use our ones every day – thank you !

    Love xxx

  4. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday Reuben! It sounds like a lovely day. The sewing machine was a great find and a fabulous gift! The door stop looks nice, what do you fill it with?

    • Joanna says:

      You can use rice or wheat, though I didn’t like the idea of something that could soak up moisture in a damp climate. I just used sand (from my favourite beach of course!). It’s heavier and “mold-able” x

  5. megan says:

    a belated happy birthday to reuben, the photo of him on the sewing machine warms my heart, what a lovely little/big man you have 🙂
    (and i love the photo of him as a baby too)

  6. cat says:

    So sweet – he looks like such a lovely gentle boy!

  7. Lovely World says:

    My oldest is ten. It is a good age, I think.

  8. Joanna says:

    oh wow, it’s a lovely age, he seems to be “teetering” x

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