Long Beach, that’s why

Yesterday I took the kids over the hill to Long Beach. They have hit that wonderful age where they can just play and potter on the beach, and because of this beach visits have become so lovely. No longer just running up and down the beach, we now plonk in one spot, swim, splash, build sandcastles, and throw sticks for Max. It was the most amazing day, sunny with great big heavy gray clouds hanging ominously. The colours were just amazing, the clouds ranging from fluffy bright white through to deepest gun-metal gray, the sky a bright electric blue, and the sea a rich gray-green, it was breathtaking.

When we first moved back to New Zealand four years ago to live in Dunedin, we were asked over and over by locals “why would you move here from Australia?”. The answer is almost always “have you been to Long Beach?”


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8 Responses to Long Beach, that’s why

  1. I LOVE long beach!!!! Awww, now while sitting at my desk at work, I’m longing to be there lazing around.
    Love your last post about your thoughts for 2011, and thanks for the comments on my blog the other day/week.
    Happy New Year Joanna!

  2. Sarah says:

    Why would anyone live in Australia (which I’m sure is very nice) when they could live in New Zealand? NZ – Best. Country. Ever. And this is coming from a Canadian. I spent four months hiking in NZ a few years ago and it was utterly fabulous. Wonderful. Simply Peachy. Insert more exclamatory descriptors here … 😉

  3. Jill says:

    It looks lovely. We have snow and ice so a trip to the beach sounds lovely right now!

  4. You’ve captured you day at the beach brilliantly ~ awesome photo’s as always!!!!

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