Daydreams and Good Intentions

I started this year with a whizz and a a bang and a head full of wonderful intentions and daydreams of changes to come. However, now that normal life has resumed I am finding it hard to keep on top of those daydreams. I have been reading posts from other wonderful bloggers who have been talking about their New Years Resolutions and looking back and forward to where they are right now and where they’ve been, and I have been sitting here feeling very out of touch with my blog, a little like it has become a “look at what I have made recently” thing and not enough of a “who I am” thing. I think part of the reason is that because, unlike the blogs I have been reading and inspired by, I have not laid my New Years Cards on the Table. I refuse to make “resolutions”, but I had made myself a list of things I would like to see happen. I am not going to look at them as definites, just goals. Last year I had a creative goal, and feel to a degree that I have got somewhere with that, so this year it’s time for a spirit fix. Things need to change, in  my outlook, the way I bumble along, and how I share it. So, my thoughts for a New Year

* Be proud of myself as a person

* Be less self-involved and take more time & interest in others

* Smile

* Treat my body with more respect

* Live my life with more energy

* Kiss my husband at the start and the finish of each day

* Read more

* Do Yoga

* Work harder on making my home a more warm, comforting, and complete space

* Watch movies that are worth my time

* Spend at least one (whole) day a week working on little minx

* Make more clothes

* Garden more

* Give something away each week

There are lots of provisios, attack plans, and explanations about how I would like all of this to come about, but those are the bones of my 2011 view. There, I have said it out loud, that’s step one.


About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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15 Responses to Daydreams and Good Intentions

  1. Jill says:

    It sounds like a good list and a great place to start off 2011. Now that you shared it you can keep working toward accomplishing what you want. I don’t make resolutions either but have a list going of things I’d like to accomplish/work toward this year. I haven’t been brave enough to share mine but I did write many of them down so I can check back to see how I’m doing.

  2. What a wonderful post Jo. Very inspiring. I hate to make resolutions too but I really like the goals you have set yourself. I might have to borrow a few myself! Have a great week. Sarah x

  3. I think if you just start with one thing you would like to achieve the rest will naturally follow.

  4. U go girl! Soundz like you have got some good “intentions”, “resolutions”, “dreams”, whatever U want to call them! I like the one about being less-self-involved ~ I’ve figured that blogging can sometimes take us away from other people and it’s so important to find that balance!!!! Don’t get me wrong, Blogging is great ~ but we also need to have that daily “physical” contact with people ~ ahhhh the word “Balance” is small, but so hard to put in2 practice!

  5. BTW ~ Love that photo!!!! Kinda Dunedin-sick (home-sick) ~ love the place!

  6. Hey Jo, Happy Birthday for the other day BTW!
    I resonate with this so much. Great ‘intentions’ rather that resolutions.

  7. Joanna says:

    Helps with the pressure, thanks so much Sarah x

  8. Lovely World says:

    A wonderful, thoughtful list. I am practicing mindfulness each day to stay centered on many of these same things. Happy new week to you!

  9. Joanna says:

    Partly inspired by your new year drive, I was really touched by your approach. Love the calender/daily art/gratefulness record x

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