As You Like It

A year ago Simon and I said “I will”, it was a crazy time of year to even be thinking about it. Simon had just finished his first year exams at Uni (by literally 1 week), I had given myself 3 & 1/2 months to arrange an entire wedding with 70 guests, and all while the normal hum & buzz of life went on around us. It was a wonderful day, happy and full of love, we were surrounded by our loving family and friends, and everything that could have gone right did, right down to the beautiful weather.

I found myself this past week thinking a lot about a year ago, but not thinking about it as much as Simon had been. In fact he had been thinking about it for the past 3 months and had meticulously arranged a two day getaway to celebrate our first anniversary, complete with an entire 24 hours child free. Simon is not one for surprises, and doesn’t much like arranging things, especially when everything needs to be covert, but this time he has outdone himself. He had arranged a wee cottage on the waterfront overlooking the Purakanui inlet, the kids spent 24 hours with their Nana & Grandad, the dog was allowed at the cottage, while I thought he was playing soccer on Thursday night he was actually at his parents place cooking for the next two days including his famous Mississippi Mudcake, he had even arranged me out of my  work shifts and packed for four people and a dog.

So, we have spent the last 2 days at “As Ye Like It“, a cluster of 3 small buildings comprising a mid 1800 fishermans cottage, an old railway carriage converted into a bathroom and bedroom/sleepout, and a stand alone one bedroom cottage. I have never seen anything like it, so beautifully preserved, decorated, and with every detail taken care of. Unique hardly covers what this place is, we are already wondering when we can go back. The weather was spot on, we spent two days pretty much just sitting at the outside picnic table watching life go by, reading, drinking wine, and even doing some embroidery. Max turned into the perfect dog and swam about 20 times a day by simply leaping off the grass. Then the kids arrived and a day was spent swimming, rowing, kayaking, finding sealife, and, in Mia’s case, running around with no clothes on. Absolutely perfect, aren’t I lucky.


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14 Responses to As You Like It

  1. Oh my! Lucky indeed!!!! That looks so idyllic and like such a nice surprise! Purakanui is a gorgeous wee spot. 🙂

  2. GRANNY SMITH says:

    Looks so beautiful,and peaceful . What a wonderful Husband you have .I love reading your Blog clever Lady .

  3. How wonderful! You’ve got quite a man there!

  4. What an awesome weekend away Joanna ~ looks like a fantastic spot just to chill out and relax!

  5. Jill says:

    Happy anniversary! What a nice surprise! It certainly shows once again that he is a keeper!

  6. Joanna says:

    Yeah, I’ll give him another year he he x

  7. Catherine says:

    Magical! Wow! Happy anniversary 🙂

  8. cat says:

    Wow – gorgeous photos, what a lovely surprise!

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