Sundays are possibly for Stitching

Today the boys decided to spend some time together, so off they went on a canoe adventure leaving Mia and I at home with so many possibilities of what to do. We settled on getting cracking on her Christmas gifts for family, hand-stitched Felt ornaments. A few days ago I had opened the front door to a package addressed to me, with contents unexpected, my wonderful Aunt (Janma in previous posts) had sent me a box FULL of embroidery cottons and beautiful glass beads. Well, Mia had never sewn, and I had never sewn beads so off we went.

I think the result was rather good. Mia did an amazing job, a 4 year old with a needle sewing up stars and hearts for the first time. She would sew together a couple of felt ornaments, then play for a bit, then come back with the request “I want to do more stitching”, and create some more. As for me, I can really see the addiction to beading, I don’t think my end result was particularly grand, but my I enjoyed doing it.

Reuben came home and, seeing the mess the table was in and the end result of the mess, wanted to make something too, so also his first attempt at embroidery – though I’m not allowed to show his creation as it’s a surprise for his grandparents. I couldn’t have been prouder though, they both tackled the idea of needles-in-hand with no fear at all.

Cottons from Jan

Mia's Christmas Ornaments

My first beading

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14 Responses to Sundays are possibly for Stitching

  1. Jill says:

    Yea Mia, they turned out great! I love doing little sewing projects with my daughter. Felt is the best for little hands when it comes to sewing. It’s easy to use and can be completed quickly. What nice gifts!

  2. They are beautiful Joanna! I love the colours and what a gorgeous gift from your Aunt! I can see your Mia is going to take after her Mummy!

  3. These are gorgeous. And I love how your son got in and had a go too!

  4. monkeemoomoo says:

    It never occurred to me to give my 4 year old a needle. I think she will love this. I am adding these to the christmas craft list.

    Yours and Mia’s have turned out beautifully. Well Done:)

  5. megan says:

    they look fab, well done mia! that is such a coincidence- I gave amelie her first proper needle and thread on sunday too and showed her to make some stitches which she loved! She even pricked her finger a couple of times but still kept going which is thought was pretty cool! I used felt too like Jill says above and it was nice and easy to pull the thread through. was very heart warming watching her stitching šŸ™‚

    • Joanna says:

      Oh how awesome, this happens to us quite a lot doesn’t it! Yes, definitely felt, and Mia pricked herself a few times too, she’s just look up and say “oh” and then carry on. I kind of thought “I still prick myself so what’s the harm”. Lovely memories aren’t they x

  6. Jo says:

    The most perfect Christmas decorations! So special.

  7. Lovely World says:

    Very nice. And your daughter will thank you for teaching her how to sew!

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