My Creative Space (Part 1)

I have finally attacked the study, sanded, dusted, and painted everything from top to toe. It’s now My Creative Space – well it always was, but now more so than ever as I did all the work and will be guarding it’s clean lines and tidiness with a bulldog-type aggression (growling included). There shall be no more dumping the “what shall we do with this?” stuff in my new room!

I am not quite ready to show the finished result as there are a couple of small things I want to do before I feel it’s completed. I did however learn a few things in the 5 days it took me to transform the space, and thought I would share them.

* Windowsills have lots of angles.

* Sanding windowsills is not on my “much fun” list, due largely to my first point.

*If you sand too close to an old windowpane with an electric sander it just might crack.

* If you paint a windowsill a cat will need to enter/exit through it across wet paint.

* Small, black, flying insects are mysteriously drawn to fresh (wet) white paint.

*If you leave a ladder in the middle of a room the cat must climb it.

*If your husband walks into the room and comments “so has Max walked through the paint and left footprints across the carpet yet?” it will happen within 30 seconds.

*Murphy must’ve been loved by his friends.

*Paint comes out of carpet with a wet cloth and a good scrub.

*All that you remove from a room does not miraculously fit back in it again.

* Children will always test the theory “is that wet?”

The end result has been well worth it though, it looks just fabulous.

P.S Thank you so much to all who have left such lovely messages on my previous post – If you haven’t already entered my 100th post giveaway please leave your comment here, I will draw it on Friday


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9 Responses to My Creative Space (Part 1)

  1. He he. Great photo of the cat on the shelf. And why on earth do they need to walk through the wet paint?!! Big pains in the bum. It’s looking great. Looking forward to seeing it with everything in its place. You must be thrilled!

  2. Joanna says:

    I know, it’s not the first time he’s done it to me either! I am thrilled with it, sometimes I just stand in it an be there, he he x

  3. Jill says:

    My creative space is always a mess! Your space looks like it will be nice and I’m sure neat & tidy. Kitties always like to be in the center of the action and help with crafty projects. Of course some help isn’t really help!

  4. Lovely World says:

    What a beautiful space you have to work in . Good “bones” to the room – and that fireplace!

  5. Awesome space you’ve got there Joanna ~ enjoyed all your little comments, made me smile 🙂

  6. cat says:

    What a gorgeous post. Cats are so funny aren’t they.

  7. Joanna says:

    Thanks so much – life would be boring without cats I think! x

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