Don’t Stop Doin What You Do

Last Friday, at the end of my work day,  I got into my car and there was a package wrapped up in gift-wrap in the passenger seat. The cord from the iPod was poking out of it, leading to the stereo. Now one thing I really like to do on Friday night driving home from work is turn the stereo up full and have a darn good sing, so this package was rather intriguing. I opened it and found the Gin Wigmore album, Deluxe Edition for the tour, and my iPod loaded with the album waiting to go. I would have to say this is one of the sweetest gifts Simon has ever given me – I have been wanting this album for ages, even bought it for Mum as a thanks for being there for me at A Craft Affair, but have not felt that we had the spare cash to spend on frivolities such as CD’s.  A real treat.

What turned out to be the treat was how much I would fall in love, utterly and completely, with this album. I have listened to it exclusively every day since. On Monday I listened to it in its entirety three times, I love it that much. It makes me smile, sing, laugh, and cry. This woman is amazing, an absolute example of what being true to yourself can mean. She blows me away, I really didn’t expect be to as taken with it as I am. So, you can imagine the excitement when Simon then bought tickets to see her live tonight. Gin, don’t stop doing what you do. (

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6 Responses to Don’t Stop Doin What You Do

  1. gottahave says:

    How lovely is that? What a honey Simon is! I’m totally with you on Gin too… what a talent! x

  2. Jill says:

    What a nice gift and surprise! He’s definitely a keeper! That was very sweet!!

  3. What a very thoughtful husband! I love that he did that for you! I adore Gin too. Such an incredible talent.

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