Simplicity 1957

At my favourite Op Shop the other day, picking through the fabrics, I overheard the sorters out the back discussing the donated goods they were sorting. “What about these old patterns?” “Put them out, someone will buy them”.  Ears pricked up, I waited for the patterns to come out. It seems that someone had done a complete throw out of their sewing catalogue, there were dozens of them. They ranged from the late 1950’s through to the mid 1980’s, mostly sized 10 to 14 (Miss), all named, and all in really good condition. I had just picked up a new basket in the same shop with the intention of putting all my ribbons and laces in it, but it seems that the new basket is just the right size to house patterns. So, $2 Fill-A-Basket, off I enthusiastically went (so keen was I that I returned the next day and filled another basket just in case there was anything I would regret missing).

The best find, however, was the Simplicity Sewing Book, copyright 1957. The How-To of everything sewing, and some fabulous ads to boot. As the model on the cover cradles her new Simplicity pattern to her cheek, as we all do I’m sure, we turn to the back page and find that the Singer Sewing Machine Company has made our lives easier by defining our household type, and making a machine to match. All that’s left is to pick which one best suits you…


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9 Responses to Simplicity 1957

  1. Kirsten says:

    what an amazing find – love it! (get so much of a buzz when those things happen…heart-fluttering moments) enjoy!!

  2. HOW FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda says:

    Looks like stuff in my closet. I was going to toss this stuff. I guess not.

  4. Monica VanBeekum says:

    I am so sad that I threw out a bunch of my mom’s old patterns a couple years ago. But we were on a cleaning binge and had a dumpster. I may have more. I did save a couple old 1970’s baby patterns that my mom used to make clothes for my dolls.

  5. buttons says:

    Wow my heart is fluttering just reading your post. I’m so excited for you. I just love to find patterns like that. You struck a gold mine. I collect all kinds of patterns. If you have any extra I would gladly buy them. Have fun with your stash. Buttons email thanks

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