The Difference is Why

When we had Mia a lot of people commented “at least you have one of each”, which was a sentimentality I didn’t really understand. I never minded whether we had boys or girls, when people asked me when I was pregnant what I was having I would usually reply “a baby”. So, school holidays are now on and I took the kids shopping, first to pick something to buy with their hard-earned pocket money, and secondly to the fabric shop to pick fabrics for a dress-up costume of their choice to be made by me.  I think I now get why you may want one of each. Reuben picked a star ship that fires missiles for his fighter pilots to go in, and a Jedi costume from Star Wars. Mia picked a Barbie doll, largely based on the fact that it had a crown (luckily it wasn’t too pink as she picked Belle from Beauty & The Beast), and she requested a ballet skirt in purple. Just because Reuben used to watch Dora & Balamory at 4 years old, and Mia can sing the theme to Ben 10 and Star Wars doesn’t mean that, when given the choice, they will move away from traditions. Hello chalk, have you met cheese?


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4 Responses to The Difference is Why

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Love it. And love the costumes you made… especially the Jedi knight one!

  2. Meg in NZ says:

    Hello! Awesome Jedi costume… did you have a pattern or tutorial from somewhere or did you make it up? I have two wee Star Wars fans at our place (and I guess their parents are too). Nice quote from Annie Leibovitz. Sometimes I think I shoot a little tight but that’s just what feels most comfortable I guess. Hope your two start feeling better soon!

  3. Jill says:

    Great costumes! I just have a daughter but have lots of nieces and nephews but I think boys and girls just play differently. Often boys tend to be rough, tumble and active and girls often tend to be not quite as active and more screechy. That’s been my experience however gender roles certainly blur and I see that as a good thing. Boy or girl, either way a healthy child is to be celebrated.

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