Two Days

The countdown is officially on – just two days till Mia’s party. The house is a trail of ready-to-go and half-organised. Yesterday was spent sanding and then oiling an old school desk which is Mia’s main gift, last night I lined it with paper and varnished the insides. It’s not a lot of fun trying to keep something that large hidden from a very curious 3 year old. She’s already marched out of the study with the stool I bought second hand waiting to be re-covered asking “whats this stool for?”, then did the same at Nana & Grandads, sneaking away then coming back with a Dora birthday card”who’s this for?”. She doesn’t seem to get the concept of not getting into things.

Yesterday I also made the party hats, something I was hoping to do with Mia but have just run out of time. I cut up some pink and blue cardboard (there are boys coming too), sewed on some roses (well, a Lei from the $2 shop I pulled apart), added some glue and finally some glitter. They’re bright, but they’re Rosy. The list is made for what I am baking and how I am going to achieve this across the next two days while also working – I think the answer may be very late nights. Balloons are ready to blow up, cookbooks are on standby, three, two, one..


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4 Responses to Two Days

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Oh those little rosy hats are totally awesome!!! Don’t forget you can go and buy a whole heap of ready made things like cupcakes and gingerbread men at the supermarket if you run out of time! Have a great time. x

  2. Jill says:

    This is going to be a great party! The hats turned out great and I love the desk. I’m sure Mia will be thrilled! Good luck with all of the prep. I’m looking forward to seeing party pictures.

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