Come to Our Rosy Tea Party

As I have mentioned previously, Mia has chosen to have a Rosy Tea Party for her fourth birthday. I am determined to keep her party as simple and as handmade as possible. Kids parties these days seem to have become such complex and expensive things, and none of it seems necessary. Sarah of Cotton Kiwi recently gave her little four year old a fairy party, and everything was made by hand. It looked like such a lovely party, and how proud little Eloise must have been that every detail was lovingly thought out and created by her very own Mother.Those are the sort of memories I think are important to give a child. I remember my Mother and Grandmother baking up a storm of cakes and lamingtons, while my Aunt made individual party hats and drew faces on balloons for guests.

My progress so far – the cups are collected and I have moved on to the invites. Borrowing on an idea mentioned by Cat Taylor who made teapot shaped invites for her wee girls party, I decided to make tea cup shaped ones (thanks for the idea). I dyed a sheet of cardboard using watered down pink food colouring, which gave it a really nice rosy shade and allowed me to do a little “splotching” so that it has a feeling of depth to it. Next, made a template of a tea cup taken from the shape of one of the cups for the party, then made a slightly smaller template for the inner picture. The inner picture was cut from the Little Golden Books I bought at an op shop – still find it hard to rip pages out of a book though. I cut the pink cardboard using the larger template, and the pictures from the books using the smaller one, then I sewed the pictures onto the card with my machine using a deep burgundy cotton. I’m rather pleased with the results, and they look gorgeous on the back too as the tea cup shape is there in cotton. Most importantly Mia loves them, and has picked the Little Bo Peep picture for herself so we are now learning a new song as well.


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15 Responses to Come to Our Rosy Tea Party

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Oh now those are just too cute for words!! I am totally in love with those invites!! Thanks so much for the mention again. xxx

  2. Meg in NZ says:

    these are so pretty!

  3. Jill says:

    Mia is a lucky little girl! Her party will be fabulous. What a great idea for the invites, they are gorgeous!!!!!

  4. These are very cool Joanna! Hope the kids have a great time (which I am sure they will!) 🙂 G

  5. Catherine says:

    So so pretty! Can’t wait to see photos of the party, too. Love those Golden Book pictures – wonderful!

  6. megan says:

    gorgeous invites Joanna, and I love your assortment of cups and saucers for the party from your previous post, what a lucky girl Mia is 🙂

  7. cat says:

    Gosh, they are sooo cute!

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