Time for a Cuppa

I have a new obsession – tea cups. Thanks to the inspiration of Sarah from Cotton Kiwi and her amazing effort in giving her 4 year old the most incredibly thought out fairy party, I decided to step up to the plate with Mia’s looming 4th birthday and so asked her what she wanted. The answer: a Rosy Tea Party. When Janma and Granny visited the other week Janma had brought with her some photo’s from their childhood that she had enlarged, and she kindly let me keep a few. The one that seemed to strike us all most of all was one with my Nanny in the middle of her children, on a picnic, having a cup of tea from a proper tea cup.There is something so beautiful and magical about it.

Then yesterday was spent with my friend Aowyn who lives in Broad Bay on the other side of the harbour from me, and when she casually mentioned “have you been to the Broad Bay China Shop?” I knew there was trouble brewing (excuse the pun). So off we wandered to one of the most amazing shops I have ever been in. I wish I had my camera with me because it was such an experience, jam packed with such beautiful things. Built inside a wee 1900’s cottage, it was separated into 4 parts. The first part was precious china, plates, tea pots, butter dishes, the second part an entire room of antique linens, patterns, buttons, and laces, the third part was entire sets of antique crockery, and the fourth, and my favourite part, the “odds” room. This room was all the wee bits that no longer belonged to sets or even had partners, and were now waiting for a new and loving home for only $2 a piece. Needless to say I bought quite a few, and then decided to compliment them with .20c saucers. So, everything is mismatched, though the fact that all of the cups are bone china and made in England with all the saucers being made in New Zealand really appeals to me. Rosy Tea Party here we come.


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12 Responses to Time for a Cuppa

  1. Sarah Bird says:

    Oh how beautiful Joanna! I’m tempted to hop on a plane and visit that shop straight away. It sounds heavenly. And that photo is just amazing. What a treasure. Mia is going to have an awesome party. Can’t wait to see it all unfold!!

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks so much – and you can always stay at mine!

  3. Jill says:

    I love tea pots,china cups and saucers! I agree that it’s such fun to have real cups and saucers. What a fun adventure and a great party theme! Mai will have a party to remember!

  4. cat says:

    Sounds fantastic – I did the same for Isabella’s 5th birthday – I think I had the most fun designing her invitations (tea pots) and collecting china, decorating cup cakes etc. Hope it all goes well.

  5. Just love those delicate little tea-cups ~ I must say that back in the day, they did have a touch of class!!!! You don’t see many these days on picnic’s with family china around ~ it’s all plastic cups and cutlery LOL!

    • Joanna says:

      I agree, I have made the move to remove plastic. I now live with the theory that if it’s gets broken so what, better to enjoy than to be concerned x

  6. Steph says:

    Your collection is stunning! Such beautiful shades and shapes. It is the most lovely hobby to have…enjoy!!! Hope all is wonderful in your world 🙂

  7. GRANNY SMITH says:

    Fantastic find Joanna , cant wait to visit the shop with you.

  8. Hi Joanna,

    I like visit your website… I’m handcraft at New Zealand u can visit my website

    see you… 🙂

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