A place to slouch

Our couch is not that old, only about 12 years, but somehow managed to look weary and worn within a fairly small amount of time. Being dark blue, it likes to wear it’s tired look on it’s sleeve. Last year I measured and made fitted cushion covers for the worst offenders, the seat and seat backs, and sewed them with zips and the intention that they could be quickly whipped off, washed, and put back on. Well, that didn’t happen, good intentions, but they just sat there glaring at me with that “this is why the couch looks like this” look. Then I saw this picture the other day in a book I got out from the library, Thrifty Chic by Liz Bauwens & Alexandra Campbell. They had used a piece of fabric and sewn it onto an old woollen blanket to add weight and stop the fabric from moving around, simple and brilliant, and I certainly have lots of old woollen blankets. So here is my version, ready to be whipped off and thrown into the washing machine whenever need be…


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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4 Responses to A place to slouch

  1. Jill says:

    It looks great! My couch looks a little worn too and needs a face lift. I started a quilt for it 3 years ago. Aah, good intentions and the best laid plans!

  2. Sarah Bird says:

    Great Joanna. Fab idea. We have an almost identical couch in brown. It’s starting to look quite sad after 5 years of full on kid-attack on it but at least you can wipe that microsuede down!! Might have to adopt your idea if a session with the rug doctor doesn’t fix it!

  3. Aren’t big blankets and duvets handy ~ they can cover a “mulitude of sins” (so~to~speak) ~ I’ve got a few hanging around my place! 🙂

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