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I have been a little slack in posting of late, my life is currently a blur of cutting, pinning, ironing, and sewing. 5 days till A Craft Affair and Reuben and I leave in 2 days, so, outta time pretty much. I have one more big day of getting stuff done tomorrow, then it’s “go with what you’ve got”. I’m pretty pleased with what I have put together, more would have been better, but it’s in my nature to hope that I would have achieved more.

When I was filling out my questionnaire for the Meet The Maker section of the Craft Affair Blog, the eternal question surfaced – why would you buy something handmade? I have read all of the Makers answers to this, read other bloggers talking about different markets, and answered it myself. The answer always seems to be the similar – the connection, and the quality. We all seem to feel a sense of wanting something not mass produced, not the same as everyone else, not pink and plastic. I love Imba‘s post when she was presented with the question, here. It’s also something that seems to make us stop and pause for a moment to consider our answer because, really, it’s probably a large part of what drove us all to start creating in the first place. I know it was for me, I got tired of looking at my kids rooms so crammed with Stuff, mass-produced stuff, where are the earthy handmade toys I grew up with?

So, here is my reply on Meet The Makers, and here are my thoughts; when you buy something handmade someone has thought about it, pondered over it, turned it this way and that, cut it out, cut it out again omitting mistakes, matched designs against designs, decided “that doesn’t work” and matched a new design against design, sweated over it, lost time over it, held it up and thought Damn!, smiled, wondered whether this thing is really for sale ‘cos they kinda like it, and, most importantly, put it out into the Big Wide World and hoped that it would create some joy. Plus, if you buy handmade you know that somewhere out there, someone’s dining room table is a swamp of creative thought, and the kids would dearly like the table back.


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6 Responses to Buy Handmade

  1. Catherine says:

    I had a good chuckle at your dining table! O I understand that so well πŸ™‚ I will have to call it a ‘creative swamp’ next time my husband calls it an unfathomable mess!! Thanks for the link-back, too. And good luck with A Craft Afffair… exciting!

  2. Sarah says:

    Your dining table looks fantastic! So beautifully laid out and ready to go. Tell the kids to sit on the floor to draw like we used to :o) Love your profile too. Good luck for this weekend.

  3. Jill says:

    I love your response! It’s so true! And yes I believe there are many more tables, craft rooms, basements and counters that are covered with creative clutter crating a craft swamp. I have a table and a counter currently covered myself. Good luck at A Craft Affair, it’s going to be great!!!

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