Put A Label On It II

My sewing machine needle is currently a blur with my efforts to sew for A Craft Affair. Four weeks to go, so far I have sewn 9 totes, 4 shoulder bags, and cut out 4 more totes. I really have no idea how much to make so am pretty much just going crazy in an effort to achieve as much as I can, figuring the more the better. The weather here has turned really nasty, cold and rainy, so it feels kind of perfect to be inside bent over a machine. My new labels arrived the other week too, typically I had run out just as I was accepted into the craft show, so a small amount of panic there. But, now I have woven ones in blue and in black that come on a roll which you just cut as you go. I’m really pleased with them, they feel a lot more solid than the last ones, and I love having the choice of colours. I found them at a website that specialises in labels for clothes here, they were very reasonably priced compared to some companies I had looked at, and a very fast service (just as well really!).

Thanks to my very very supportive family I pretty much spent most of yesterday afternoon sewing and cutting out 4 of my new design shoulder bags. I’m really pleased with the way they are coming along, and have decided to make this type of bag completely from vintage and pre-loved fabrics. I just love using pre-loved fabrics, it feels like it tells a tale when you create something new from them.


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3 Responses to Put A Label On It II

  1. megan says:

    they look great Joanna πŸ™‚ you’ve got neat range of fabrics and the labels look great. sounds like its going to be a huge market, wish I was going!

  2. Jill says:

    I love the brown bag with the flowers! It’s so cute! You’ve certainly been busy sewing. And you’re making great progress. By the way, the new tags look great!

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