Yes, I am doing stuff

I started this blog for the reason of keeping some kind of online diary of the things I’m making, and that seems to be the exact opposite of what I am actually doing with it. Most of the time, unless I am making something for a special occasion, I just don’t include things I have made. I have come to the conclusion that I see no point in blogging yet another bag or wallet, they are variations on a theme and I fear are boring to anyone who may be looking and thinking “I’ve seen that before”.

So, I decided to post a few things I have been up to recently. I am currently a bit infatuated with making wee pencil cases, they are relatively small, holding only about 8 to 10 pens, but I find I only really carry a few so am quite enjoying the size. I made a set for Nicky’s birthday with a pencil case and a wallet which I was really pleased with, and I quite liked making two things together to match. They’re made from a selection of a dark gray linen, red velvet, and piece of antique cotton printed with nordic looking flowers in red and green. I really love this piece of fabric, it’s a tablecloth that I have squeezed quite a few small things out of, and it reminds me of the way things looked when I was 6 and in Germany with my Mother & Janma.

Then I made one for our “where is it” draw, as there are always pens floating around in there somewhere. I had the brilliant revelation that I could actually quite easily fix that if I wanted to. I used a piece of hand embroidered linen that I had found on one of my Op Shop hunts, and interfaced the back to keep it together as some of the embroidery has begun to come apart from use and the fabric is now quite thin. I made a second more detailed version for my Felt shop and added some stone coloured linen and a deep olive green ribbon. I made a second pencil case for my shop with a piece of vintage fabric, tablecloth again, that I found at the same time as the new (old) sewing machine. I think it would have to one of my favourite fabric finds yet, a relatively heavy cotton printed in grays and yellows with flowers and swirls. This one I added dark gray linen and a grey velvet ribbon, and lined with a black and gray botanical print also found in an Op Shop.

I made my first rabbit without reverting to using corduroy, which has been my maintstay fabric. My first point with the rabbits is that they be tough enough to survive a child, so they need a fairly sturdy fabric. I always fear that if I use an upholstery style fabric, which is the only type I can see standing up to a childs fair wear-and-tear, that I will end up with something not so nice to touch. Obviously nice to touch is my second point with the toys, and I really don’t want to start using un-natural fibres. So, I finally had a go with a buttery yellow fabric that I just adore and have previously made bags from, and I was really thrilled with the result.

And I’ve made a couple of bags, but you wouldn’t be interested in seeing those, they’re just like the others! So yes, I am actually doing stuff…


About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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4 Responses to Yes, I am doing stuff

  1. Greta says:

    I know what you mean about the blogging thing – that’s why I try to include other things in mine apart from just putting up what I’ve been sewing and drawing – – – It’s trying to get the combination right, making it eyecatching, writing about something that is interesting, so people will come back for more – I think Tiny Happy has got the combination right – – πŸ™‚

    • Joanna says:

      I agree – and I think you have that balance nicely on your blog. I notice that tiny happy only includes some of what she makes and leaves the rest to her shop, so take some comfort in that x Joanna

  2. megan says:

    Those pencil cases are lovely- I love that red flower fabric and the yellow flower one too! And your rabbit is so adorable with its little smile and snuggly scarf πŸ™‚

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