How could I not?

There are times when I am op shopping that I put things back and later on regret it.  I think “I don’t need it” and reason myself out of spending any money, only to wonder later on what I was thinking. So, when I was in an op shop last Thursday and spotted an old, familiar looking suitcase and opened it to find a Bernina, there was only a moments hesitation as to whether I should buy it.  I don’t need a sewing machine, I have a beautiful 1968 Singer that runs like a dream. But, how could I not buy it – it was a Bernina, and it was $25.

I’m guessing it’s from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s as it is very similar to the machine I grew up sewing on, my Mother’s Bernina. It’s incredibly heavy, solid metal, and has all its accessories still. I really couldn’t quite believe it, owning a Bernina is pretty much the ultimate for me, and I really do prefer the older metal machines to the more modern plastic ones. Plus, there’s a story in these machines. Someone else has created things with this, it’s kind of exciting to try and imagine what has been made previously. My mother bought her machine when she was pregnant with me and it’s still going having created countless dresses, skirts, trousers. I know it seems kind of silly to blog about a sewing machine but I get so so excited by the prospect of sewing with this.  All I have to do now is think of a name for her.

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5 Responses to How could I not?

  1. imba says:

    Wow! Beautiful. What a find.

  2. megan says:

    hi, sorry no good with names but it is gorgeous! my friend is using her mums old metal machine and says it works great- sometimes older things are more reliable and simple to fix if anything does break! it must have been fun seeing all the accessories still with it. look forward to seeing some creations from it!

  3. Greta says:

    I should say “What a find!!!” – And if you are ever wanting to re-sell it – you may have a buyer here LOL!

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