Mr 36

Yesterday was Simons birthday. A very exciting day filled with running around baking cakes, setting tables, wrapping gifts, blowing up balloons, and making cards. Simons parents joined us for dinner and cake, and we had a really lovely evening filled with laughter, conversation, food, wine, and cake. I just love it when people are in our home to enjoy it in the way that we do. I think in a way it helps you to see your environment through their eyes too, and perhaps appreciate a bit more what we have created as our home.  It was the most beautiful day, hot and sunny. The doors and windows were open late into the evening.

The kids just get so excited by a birthday, any birthday. When Simon arrived in his parents car Mia was running along side it yelling “Happy Birthday Dad” over and over, while squealing and jumping with excitement. She’s still singing the Happy Birthday song this morning, and is obsessed with who’s birthday it is going to be next.

The kids both made Simon handmade birthday cards, and Reuben has now hit a point with his writing that the only word he needed to ask how to spell was birthday. So I was pleasantly surprised when Simon read the card and it seems that Reuben had included a joke “Happy Birthday Mr 36”

My favourite part of the whole day, apart from the excitement, is setting out the table for his arrival home.


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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One Response to Mr 36

  1. megan says:

    that is just such a coincidence that our hubbies have the same birthday! looks like you had a great day and a lovely evening. My nearly 3 year old is obsessed with birthdays too… whose birthday is next and next and next…
    Hope the cake was a hit, Ben said his was much enjoyed at work so that was good!

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