Hat Day

Yesterday the decision seems to have been made to have a Hat Day at our house. Mia wore a hat all day long. First she put on the (not very PC) Indian feather head-dress. This was teamed with a Bumble Bee outfit given to her by her Nana & Grandad, and came with the declaration “look, I’m a Bee, Mia’s a Bee”.

Next was a lurid, bright yellow curly clown wig belonging to a clown outfit of Reuben’s. This one lasted almost two hours while she played with trains, but it eventually became itchy underneath so was then replaced by a towel turban (Mia has recently decided she likes to shower, hence the towel turban).

Once the towel turban was off she then fished out a rainbow striped hat with a smiley face on top which once belonged to Reuben as a baby. She was incredibly serious throughout the wearing of this hat, and this one probably lasted the longest. It was only replaced with a short stint of Mrs Potato Heads’ glasses and hat accompanied by “look Mama, Hot Potato Hot Potato” (a reference perhaps only parents will get)

It’s been beautifully sunny over the past few days, but unfortunately for me my current drive is to be inside sewing as many bags as possible. Miriam and I are having a stall at the Theives Alley Market in the Octagon next Saturday, so there is plenty of work to be done. Motivationally, this has been difficult. As much as I love my sewing room it is the darkest room in the house, and during daytime when there’s brilliant sunshine outside it can be very hard to focus. So, I made myself a new “sunny” pin cushion to brighten my work area.

Then I put together some fabrics to make Reuben a new pencil case – his old one having had zip problems and finding it’s way to the school rubbish bin. I am usually quite self-concious when I make Reuben things, I’d hate for him to be teased at school because he has “homemade” things. This pencil case, however, I felt really good about, especially once I found the Save The Planet fabric. The denim is an old pair of Simons’ jeans, and I find it hard to do anything without finishing it with some seersucker. Reuben really loved it and I got an extra tight hug from him.

As you can see, not much being done in the way of bag making… clearly I am very very easily distracted.

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to Hat Day

  1. megan says:

    hello, I love your sunny pin cushion and your pencil case is so neat- I have never made anything with a zip before but I think I am going to have to give it a go!

  2. Joanna says:

    Hello – it’s actually very easy, and I’m a bit of a nut for putting zips in things as it means everything is all neat and tidy. You’ll do great 🙂

    P.S LOVE your blog, really great, will definitely continue to visit. The green bedroom with the Nursery Rhyme cards is awesome (sorry, couldn’t figure out how to comment directly)

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