One more day to go!

The children are at that day-before-Christmas point where they are about to exlode – especially Reuben – and it’s only 10am the day before. We’ve already had tears of frustration, caused by over-anticipation. How do you create quiet when there is just one day to go?

I took them both to the Otago Settlers Museum the other day to see Pixie Town, a mechanical Christmas installation made in the 1950’s that used to be displyed in the DIC Department Store in Dunedin every Christmas. It was really quite amazing, and the kids were truly enthralled. There were three long scenes in total, the first having a bar scene with a carnival to the side. The second had a rather energetic Ferris Wheel, a band, and then a town scene. The last had the firestation with a full fire and rescue scene. The detail was just amazing – and the noise created by it even more incredible. So much of it moved, from drunks banging bottles onto tables, trombonists sliding trombone bars, hairdressers cutting hair, milkshake makers shaking milkshakes, carnival men kicking lazy mules, firemen climbing up and down buildings, and (rather strangely), an elephant and a donkey playing cards. So very unique, and really quite magical largely due to the incredible work that has gone into it. It did seem to have a recurring theme of drinking though, so maybe pixies are perceived as being naughty because they’re drunk.

This little guy’s fingers moved up and down on the trumpet

This year I decided I was going to “theme” christmas in red & silver – this is my “bauble icicles” hanging on the arch in front of the front door. I think they look really cool, and they kind of swing and sway in the wind which looks really great. The Old Lady looks good with a bit of dressing up!

I hope the Day Before is filled with joy and excitment in your house xx


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One Response to One more day to go!

  1. Taryn says:

    Merry christmas jo. Love to all the family xxoo

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