Crabs & Foraging

Today Simon packed us all into the car and drove us over the hill for an adventure and a picnic. We ended up eating our sandwiches on rocks looking out over the Purakanui inlet after a 15 minute trek through what Mia named “Pine Forest” until we managed to change that to “Native Forest”. We sat on the edge of rocks and peered into the clear ocean below us and were just thrilled to find that the rocks surrounding us were teeming with crabs. You only had to watch for a short amount of time and you would see crabs scuttling under the water eveywhere – Mia was absolutely thrilled. She especially liked it when she noted that one was climbing up a rock and I said “I hope it doesn’t bite my toe” which then turned into the joke for every future crab we saw. And at last Max is turning into the water dog he promises to be, it seems that he just doesn’t like waves.

I didn’t take my camera but I did bring back some things from the trail. They don’t really make much of an argument for the walk being native with a large amount of the things the kids and I liked being from the huge Gum trees lining the path. They are awesome trees having said that, such amazing colours left on the bark from shedding.

And this piece of bark on the ground that has the most amazing spirals within it.

And don’t the Gum Nuts just look like they should be buttons?

GumNuts 1

Gum Tree

And these flowers that just seemed to line the path in groups, lots of purples around.



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