Off to Market

Finally, thanks to the enthusiasm and courage of my friend Miriam, we had our first ever stall at the markets at Port Chalmers. Unfortunately it was a rotter of a day with cold cold wind and (I hear) some snow about, so the markets were really quiet. But, we did it, and I’m so proud of us! It was a big leap of faith, but I think our stuff looked really great and we felt interest in the things we had for sale genuine. We are now discussing the idea of joining the Octagon Markets when the cruise ships start up again in December. It will involve lots of sewing machine time, but that’s okay.

Miriam has acheived what I have not yet managed by opening her own Etsy shop and listing her first item. She has made the most beautiful pair of kiddies trousers from sourced vintage fabric that is lined with soft organic cotton. It really has to be felt and viewed to be belived, just gorgeous. She has such a wonderful approach to detail and colour, the end result is so so professional. You can view her shop at 1

This was my favourite, vintage linen with a dark grey linen/cotton mix top and vintage button from my Ma’s collection of buttons from the 70’s. It didn’t sell but that’s okay.

Markets 2

And I would just like to say a huge and resounding thanks to my family for bearing with me and supporting me while I sew, sew, sewed over the last couple of weeks. Thank you, I love you xxx


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