Purples & Greys

It has been grey now for days and is promising to be grey for at least the next 5 days… and I’m loving it! There is probably something inherently wrong with liking grey rainy days more than bright sunny ones, but I do. I like how even the tones around are, the greens of plants just seem to glow a little more when it’s grey. I like the look of a window covered in trails of rain, it reminds me of being a child and being stuck inside looking out and playing the raindrop racing game.  When I think of the raindrop racing game I think of all of the other imaginative things my mother and grandparents would come up with to keep me occupied when stuck inside. Maybe this is why I like grey rainy days so much, my memories of playing tent games with the couches rearranged around the lounge seem to be so much stronger than memories of playing outside.

This is a Hebe flower from a bush down the road. I just love the colour of it, it’s so intense and so unusual. This is the sort plant that has started my love affair with native New Zealand plants, something I used to think was just ferns and Kowhai trees.

purple flower

Yesterday I spoke with a florist about wedding bouquets, and she asked me to bring in some examples of bouquets I liked from wedding magazines. I don’t have any wedding magazines, I’m not really that kind of person. I did get a “wedding bouquets” book out from the library that lead me to conclude that these sorts of decisions are best left to the experts. All I could really think of was “something wild flower looking” and “something simple”, maybe reflecting the blues and greys we are choosing to theme the wedding with. One nice idea was to use Flax, which I really like as there are so many amazing varieties of flax colours and patterns available. So many things to think of… it’s all in the details…


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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