Brand New

It seems that Mother Nature has been fooled into thinking Spring is here as the trees all around our little cottage burst into parades of white or pink with little flowers, so beautiful. I watched a car that had been parked under a tree drive off today leaving in a swirl of little blooms billowing off it, it was really quite magical. This is my small version of bringing the early spring inside, I recently found my “perfect” vase in the op shop for 50c, it’s small and white and looks a little like it’s leaning back with attitude.

New Begin 1

This is with the early morning sun hitting it. I don’t know what the actual tree that this came from is, but it smells really nice and certainly looks gorgeous. It has an almost Japanese feel to it, you can see why they have a thing for painting single branches and blooms, quite stunning.

Then I finished off the Rabbit I had made for wee baby Megan a couple of weeks ago that then just sat there looking at me saying “finish me” and “post me”. This one is pretty much the same as Mia’s beloved JayJake, but has a green velvet scarf to celebrate Megans Irish heritage. Welcome to the world precious little girl.

New Begin 2


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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