Yesterday we went to a family members house for a Solstice lunch. They have a beautiful home with a rolling section on top of a hill overlooking a tidal bay. The trees were looking very wintry and forlorn, though a few of the early Daffodils were already popping through underneath the Birches.

Solistice 1

It’s so nice to spend a cold afternoon inside with family talking, eating, and catching up, the time always seems to go far too quickly. As a gift for the hosts I finally completed some of the Soft Trees I had started so long ago. The pattern and idea came from the Tiny Happy blog, although I believe she had gotten it from somewhere else. I had made a few but found them too “stuffed”. These ones I made slimmer so that they were more conical, less round, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Solistice 2

We have a new puppy, currently snoring loudly at my feet, so things have continued to be hectic! We also have the go-ahead for the fire so may soon have licking flames to watch in the lounge, I’m so excited!


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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