Dough & Shoo-bid-dee-ay

I’ve been very quiet on the blog front of late – have been completely immersed in trying to get some serious construction-type stuff done around the house so, as you can probably imagine, life has not been about slowing down of late! I have been demolishing parts of the lounge after the removal of the old coal oven, and Simon is currently attacking weatherboards on one side of the house along with putting in some new piles (with the help of his Dad and Uncle thank goodness!). Things seem to be about running from one errand to the next, not quite what I was trying to achieve!  We are installing a wood burning fire though so that’s exciting! Yay fires on cold nights.

The sun finally came out after 10 days of CONSTANT rain, and to celebrate we made play dough. Reuben has been at home sick so was pretty keen on the idea, but for Mia this was a first and she dived into it with gusto! Mixing bright red warm dough took me back several years to making it for Reuben, who somehow remembers that 4 years ago his play dough was blue. Mia played with it for about an hour, a huge success. I love the way toddler hands look when they are squishing and moulding dough.

Play doh 1

Play doh 2

Yesterday Reuben asked me one of those “dreaded questions” – “Mum, what does shoo-bid-dee-ay mean?”. Have you ever tryed to explain bee-bop to an 8 year old?


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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