Crafty Freaks #6

little minx Camera Strap 1


I really dislike camera straps, I find them scratchy and uncomfortable, usually too wide, and they make me feel like the camera is pulling me down to the ground neck first. I hadn’t had this current camera long before I took the strap off, preferring to walk around holding it instead. This, of course, has it’s own problems and limitations, especially when you end up holding it for a long time – something I soon discovered when I held it for most of the day on the Peninsula tour last weekend.

little minx Camera Strap detail

So this weeks Crafty Freaks was rather a revelation, as it has changed my view on camera straps forever. This design was one of those work-it-out-as-I-go-along kind of ideas, I have looked at some on Pinterest and even saved tutorials, but when it came down to the making I just nutted it out as I went along. Heck, it doesn’t even have a pattern drafted, just a plain ole cut, iron, sew, and finish. I sure do live life on the edge huh ;-)

little minx Camera Strap


Super happy with it, and it is so comfortable to wear. I made the fabric part at the top a lot longer than the strap it came with, which seems to work a lot better as it sits much lower down over the collar bone – and with a Vintage fabric like that I think it’s going to look great against almost anything. Now to save enough money to wander around that city map with it….

What went right? Well, everything. It’s come out really well, and was a quick and easy make.

What went wrong? Nothing – I don’t think I would change a thing.

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365 Grateful (August 2014)

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 1

happy beach dog

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 2

be here. now

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 3

an afternoon planning a party & wandering through shops with my favourite girl

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 4

a slow lazy Sunday afternoon playing vintage board games

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 5

the most fabulous day spent wandering & chatting with a dear friend

little minx #365Grateful August 2014 5

I love texts like this

This month seems to have been filled with love and luck – for which I am eternally grateful.

Joanna x

a day on the Peninsula

lookout from the Albatross Centre

Royal Albatross doing a fly-by

west coast, South Island of New Zealand

the beach at Penguin Place where the Yellow Eyed Penguins come ashore

This past weekend we have had VIP guests visiting – my parents have been over from Australia. It was also Mia’s 8th birthday, so we had a lot of together-time, meals, and adventures. Our biggest adventure was a day spent taking a Peninsula Tour with Monarch Wildlife Cruises - up and over the Otago Peninsula, over to the Royal Albatross Centre, on to the Monarch to cruise around the Taiaroa headland, then for a wander around Penguin Place to view the Yellow Eyed Penguins. It’s an amazing day out – such a great experience, and you see such many amazing and unique wildlife, I highly recommend it! Such a great way to appreciate the wonder that is around us. As you can see it was rather a gray and hazy day, but often that is the best light for Dunedin, showing off all it’s rugged beauty.

Crafty Freaks 5

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

I have good reason to be running behind on my Crafty Freaks - really I do. Today is Mia’s birthday, she turns 8, and later on today we have VIP guests and a dinner party to celebrate her special day. Lots to do. And yes, excuses excuses.

We have a lot of table cloths, but funnily enough none that actually fit our table properly when it’s extended to it’s full length. I could just go out a buy one, or I could make one! So here is the end result of that thinking. Being a little bit obsessed with diamond shapes at the moment I decided to do a diamond inspired table cloth.

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

I’m really pleased with the end result – it fits in well with our décor and the colours are great. We shall put it to the test tonight when we have guests celebrating Mia’s day.

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

What went right – I really like the look of it, it will be interesting to see how it looks covered in plates and bowls later on today. I love these fabrics – the pink and the chartreuse…. humma humma.

What went wrong – it took soooooo long to make! Probably if I’m honest about 5 hours! When I drew up the design it looked as simple as anything – just 3 strips of fabric sewn together with some diamond detail. Hmmm…. shan’t be making another one any time soon.

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To Dad

Happy Fathers Day Dad 2014


Dad & I – early 1980s, next to the trusty Mitsubishi Celeste – still not sure how he fitted those long legs into such a small car

This year I would like to thank Dad for how blooming hard he works, and has always worked. He is always driven to get somewhere, with a million things on his list, and the ability to achieve all of them. Family members have often been known to remark I don’t know how he does it!, such is his drive and energy. I think that if even a quarter of the population had the same work ethic as my Dad then we’d be in a very fine state! Never the type to rest on his laurels, to say he is an achiever could be slightly understating it.

So this year I just wanted to say – thank you Dad, for working so hard for us all, setting a wonderful example, and making sure everything was looked after and sorted (and then some!).  Happy Fathers Day xx

on the list..

crafty freaks plans

You see that scrappy list up there, and that lovely pile of scrumptious fabrics? Well, that’s this weeks Crafty Freaks ta-dah! I think way-laid is probably the best description for my current condition. Big plans, great idea, loving the design, done… nothing. I have, however, crossed a lot off the list. There is almost a rooms worth of stuff awaiting a trip to the Op Shop, I’ve cleaned the house thoroughly, and there has been quite a bit of re-jigging going on in the lounge.

mid-century nesting tables

I’m going to go straight ahead and blame the recent Op Shop discovery of this mid-century set of nesting tables. As most of you will know, there’s no way you can introduce one more item into a bulging household without exclaiming “yes but if I put it there where will this thing go..?”, which then results in an entire room re-shuffle, or in my case two rooms.

sideboard reshuffle - little minx

Having said that I am really rather thrilled with the way the lounge and dining room are now looking, and am even more thrilled that I have finally found a perfect spot for this gorgeous 1960s mirror gifted to me by a dear friend. I must organise and sort more often (and throw out). Have you seen this 30 Day Organised Home Challenge? I just love the idea of tackling an item a day for a month, it makes the whole thing seem so much easier to handle.

So, there you have this weeks Crafty Freaks… it will be up next week now, but at least the house is looking good, right?

Have a great weekend everyone,

Joanna x